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How to Get a good night's sleep in a hotel - Part 2

Written By Anonim on Rabu, 19 Agustus 2009 | 05.31

Although designed as a place to lay your head at night, hotels can be anything but peaceful sometimes, so ensure that you get a good night's sleep on your next visit.

Here is part 2 of my top tips for a good night's sleep.
(For Part 1, click HERE).

1. Have a bath, not a shower, last thing at night

Close to bedtime, a shower will invigorate and awaken you, which is NOT the aim, when you want to get some quality sleep! Instead, opt for a soak in the bath and allow your body to unwind. A bath will actually make you feel sleepy and relaxed.

2. Avoid working into the early hours

Whether in your room on the laptop, or out at business functions and dinners, try and set yourself a cut-off point, whereby you tell yourself that you will be in bed by a certain time. Otherwise the hours will pass and before you know it, you've had very little sleep. If you're working late in your room, set an alarm timer to sound when it's time to pack up and go to bed.

3. Set your room up for sleep

Close to bedtime, dim the lights in your room, or switch off the main light and use the lamps or bedside lamps instead. Tell your body that it's getting darker and induce sleep. If possible, keep the TV off, and instead put some music on, or read a book for a while.

4. Avoid coffee and alcohol in the evening

Caffeine is a stimulant, which will only make you feel more alert and artificially awake. It will keep you awake and give you a broken night's sleep, as will alcohol. Drink water in the evening, and always have a glass or bottle of water to hand, at the side of your bed, so that you can rehydrate in the middle of the night, if you wake.

5. Don't worry, be happy!

Before bed time, start to unwind and switch off from work. Call home or think about your weekend plans coming up. Think about non-work related things and go to bed with a clear mind, not one packed full of questions, business ideas and schedules.

Business Travel is always tiring, so do yourself a favour and make it as stress-free as possible...

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