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I got stuck in the hotel lift

Written By Anonim on Senin, 25 Januari 2010 | 03.36

As I made my way back to the lobby from my hotel room in London recently, heading for a conference, I had the elevator to myself.

Don’t you just love that feeling of having the elevator all to yourself, without people pushing, shoving and coughing?

Or maybe it’s just me being selfish...

Anyway, I had the place to myself, until the elevator pinged and the doors opened on the 15th floor, to welcome a particularly large guy in a suit, huffing and puffing.

From the moment he stepped into the lift and said Good Morning, he spent the entire but brief journey down complaining about how tired he was, how he couldn’t stand these events, how fed up he was of travelling, feeling stressed and overworked.

I politely agreed with him, but I knew how he felt and I was tempted to try and sell him a copy of my Fit Business Trip book, but I restrained myself from giving him the sales speech. I sensed he wasn’t really in the mood... 

Rather than seeing him as a miserable, ‘glass half empty’ kind of guy, I could feel his pain.

Here was a guy who had resigned himself to experiencing all of the above travel symptoms, without thinking that there might just be a way to tackle the tiredness, beat the stress and feel human for a change, instead of a corporate robot.

So many business travellers do just that – resign themselves to the misery and inconvenience of work on the move.

Using a Fat Loss System like Fit Business Trip, which lets you workout in your hotel room, make sensible and energising food choices on the go and lead a healthier lifestyle on business, ensures that you don’t let all that travel get the better of you.

I just hope this guys finds something that works for him, before his work gets the better of him.

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