That spark of nostalgia...

Written By Anonim on Minggu, 27 September 2009 | 04.21

This Saturday, after a busy week working, I had the morning to myself.

My girlfriend and I decided to be self-indulgent and do our own thing.

She had a sports massage appointment booked and I decided to do a bit of shopping, indulging in one of my favourite hobbies; buying music.

There really is nothing better to make you smile and feel good than a little nostalgia.

Back when you were a child or teenager life was far simpler. You had little pressure, no job to worry about, no children, no money worries...
Life was good when you were younger!

OK, you might have been awkward, spotty and no good with the opposite sex, but all in all, life was fun.

Mine was, I hope yours was too!

As I thumbed my way through the 7" vinyl singles in the second hand record shop, remembering all of the great music (and not so good) of the 80's, it made me think about people and their fitness.

We can all look back on things past and remember them with fondness and nostalgia.

All of us were, at some time, more active and fitter. Maybe lately things have slipped, you have less time to go to the gym or play your sport, or you're more busy with work, family life and chores.

But, like buying second hand records that you used to own years ago, it's very easy to relive those better days. I took a trip to the record shop and flicked through the racks to get my fix.

To get your exercise fix, maybe you could phone a friend or arrange a game of tennis, golf, football or some swimming with a family member, even the kids.

Perhaps you could take up a sport or activity you haven't done since you were young.

Anything you like - archery, horse riding, squash, even paint-balling!

Exercise doesn't mean you have to succumb to the gym when you're back from your business travels.

It means doing more physically than you currently do.
It means enjoying what you do and feeling good for doing it.

So, invest in a little physical nostalgia, and feel GREAT for doing so!

By the way, if you're intrigued, here are some of the singles I bought:

Icehouse - Hey Little Girl
Steve Winwood - Valerie
Heaven 17 - Come Live with Me
Marillion - Kayleigh

And there were a few cheesy singles too, but I won't embarass myself in front of thousands of people by nae-checking them! ;-)

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