Fit Business Trip - Exercise Challenge 3

Written By Anonim on Selasa, 22 September 2009 | 08.43

Ok, here's one for all you Business Travellers who can't live without a cup of tea in your hotel room...

You know how they say 'a watched kettle never boils'?

Well, keep busy while it does.

Fill the kettle with cold water, flick the power switch, and start a set of Jump Jacks.

Jump slightly off the ground as you step both feet out to the sides, and raise your arms up and out your shoulder height, as though flagging down an aircraft... :-)

Keep the rhythm going as you continue to move, waiting for the kettle to boil.

Aim not to stop until the kettle switches itself off or you hear the water boil.

That should give you a good 2-3 minutes of heart-raising exercise that will have you wide awake, and no longer needing that cup of tea or coffee!

Give it a go, pass some time, get some exercise and feel GREAT!

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