5 ways to stay fit and healthy on the Road

Written By ady setiawan on Minggu, 27 September 2009 | 06.56

Without a little prep, being good and sticking to a healthy schedule can be hard work, as so many other things vie for your attention, away from home.

To help you out, here are my top 5 tips for staying fit and healthy while travelling:

1. Write down your fitness goals
Just like you would write important meetings and deals down you need to attend, write down a few key objectives to strive for while you’re travelling. For example, do 50 push ups, go for a run, use the hotel pool, take the stairs instead of the elevator, cut down on your coffee and drink more water. Set a handful of small goals and aim to stick to them.

2. Pack some fish oil
Buy a quality fish oil supplement at home and pack it in your case. Take one 1000mg capsule daily with a glass of water to ensure that you have enough good fats in your diet, which in turn are good for your heart, improved brain function and lower depression.

3. Eat vegetables and some fruit whenever possible
At lunch, dinner and with your snacks. Always aim to choose fresh over fake or packaged foods. That way you get more vitamins and minerals, and you don’t deprive your body of what it needs in the way of goodness.

4. Vow to explore
Don’t just spend your down-time sitting in your hotel room, checking emails or watching the TV. Instead, get outside and explore the place you’re staying. See the sights, walk the streets, find a park or a cafe and relax. Don’t be a hermit, be an active explorer!

5. Always eat breakfast
No excuses now, even if you do oversleep! A healthy breakfast with fruit, oats or eggs will set you up for the day ahead, give you renewed energy and less chance of going off the rails mid-morning and reaching for the coffee or the sugary chocolate snacks.

So, next time you’re away on business, bear these 5 pointers in mind and come home feeling a little healthier.

If you want to test your fitness even more, and make up for a lack of gym in your hotel, consider an effective workout programme you can practice in your hotel room, and see your fitness levels rocket!

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