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My Client Won't See Me Anymore...

Written By ady setiawan on Kamis, 11 Desember 2008 | 02.52

Not a single bit of jogging or running is required with 'Fit Business Trip'!

I have a Personal Training client called Genevieve that I don’t get to see very often these days. We used to train 3 times a week together but now I’m lucky if I see her once a MONTH!

Her travel schedule is so hectic right now that she barely sets foot back in the UK for more than a few days, before she heads back on a trans-Atlantic flight to her office in New York for another round of meetings, teleconferences and networking. Believe me, her life is one LONG Business Trip!

Now, for most business men and women this may sound like a familiar story, and if you’re currently feeling worn out you’re certainly not alone!

The one thing that keeps Gen going during her regular trips is her schedule. It’s tight, it’s organised and she knows exactly what she’s doing day to day, including her exercise and her eating.

First thing in the morning, Gen is up bright and early, training in her hotel room or out along the Hudson River, fitting in a short 10-15 minute circuit before showering and heading off for breakfast. She gets some strange looks from passers by as she tries my latest crazy circuits, but she always manages to get it DONE!

With the travelling meal plan ideas and snack options that I give her for her trips, she makes sure that no amount of free coffee or snacks in meetings is going to put her off course while away from home.

Whatever her day may bring, she knows she has her fitness sewn up and her eating sorted before anything else.

Both give her energy, focus and help her get through long days without succumbing to caffeine or sugar-filled snacks to get her kick-started.

We’ve trained for years, so she knows every variation and option for her daily bodyweight circuit ideas, but for YOU, either as a complete beginner or more advanced exerciser, there are many variations you can use to get fit and maintain good health while away on business.

Come January 2009 I will be divulging my circuit secrets to the high-flyers of the Business World, so that everyone, from boardroom member to occasional travelling salesperson can achieve exactly what my client has done:

Fitness on the road, with ZERO equipment in MINIMAL time!

Look out for the release of ‘Fit Business Trip’ at www.fitbusinesstrip.com

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